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Activities to Avoid

Exposure to diseases passed from animals to humans is important. In order to be safe, Do NOT change or clean the cat's litter box or the bird cages. Do NOT play in Children's sand boxes (big cat litter box). Do NOT garden without gloves.

You may also want to avoid exposure to things that may cause birth defects such as:

*X-rays, working around radiation or radioisotopes
*Dry cleaning & other solvents, petroleum products, working around lead or mercury
*Manicuring acrylic nails
*Working on ladders, scaffolding and such where nausea, fatigue or sudden lightheadedness would be hazardous to your health should be avoided.

AVOID the following FOODS

*Neither raw nor undercooked fish including sushi, meat, poultry, eggs, hotdogs.
*Swordfish, shark, king mackerel and tile fish. These have too much mercury in them.
*Raw sprouts, unpasteurized juices or cheeses or milks.
*All alcoholic beverages.
*All tobacco products and recreational drugs.

AVOID the following OVER THE COUNTER Medications

*Ibuprofen (Motrin)
*Dayquil or Nyquil liquid and any drug that says "elixir" because it contains alcohol
*Excessive caffeine (more than 2 servings a day)
*Any illegal drugs