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Warning Signs for Gestational Diabetic Patients on Insulin

(LOW blood sugar)

         Excessive sweating                Hunger, weakness


          Headache                             Feeling faint/dizzy


          Pounding of the heart            Vision problems


          Trembling/shakiness             Sleep/confused


          Irritability/crankiness             Numbness/tingling around the mouth 

          Too much insulin                          Too little food


          Skipped meal or snack                  Delayed meal


          More than usual amount of exercise

If below 50, eat/drink 15 grams of carbohydrates ( 4-6 oz of apple or grape juice) ½ cup = 4 oz.

If between 50-70, 4-6 oz of apple or grape juice or eat meal or snack if it is time for it.
If above 80, drink water and rest.
Recheck your blood sugar 15 minutes after each step above. Repeat the food if blood sugar has not gone up by 20.
Follow with your next meal or snack.
Make sure someone you live with knows how to use your glucagon kit in case you are unable to take care of yourself.
Do not treat a low blood sugar if you do not take medications to control your Diabetes unless you are feeling ill. Your body will usually correct a low blood sugar.

(HIGH blood sugar)

           Increased thirst                               Nausea and vomiting


          Increased urination                         Loss of appetite


          Weakness, abdominal                     Large amounts of sugar or


          & generalized pain                          ketones in urine 

          Too little insulin                               Too much food


          Infection, fever                                Emotional stress


          Skipping meals/snacks 

If you are feeling ill and your blood sugar stays above 200 for more than 2 to 3 hours, drink fluids without sugar if possible and call the office. If you had diabetes prior to the pregnancy, you may be developing ketoacidosis which requires immediate medical attention!!
If 200 or higher, check your urine for ketones if you have a urine dipstick.
If you are not feeling ill and your blood sugar is at this level more than 2 times in 2 days, call the office.